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Get The Perfect Butt Post Lockdown

It’s been a really strange time for all of us. Going into 2021 we all may have thought things were going to be a little different then they currently are. Some of you might be struggling with managing your daily routine and finding your balance while others might be thriving during the pandemic, keeping their […]

Never Skip A Monday!

Ever heard the saying ‘Never Miss a Monday Workout’? Well this video posted by SA Fitness Queens will get you into the swing of things for your week ahead, give this manic Monday routine a try to set the tone for your workout week ahead. To see more workout routines follow SA Fitness Queens on Instagram.     View […]

18 basic Yoga Poses to get you to become a real Yogi

18 basic Yoga Poses to get you to become a real Yogi

While everyone seems to be on the topic of improvement during lockdown. We understand that it can be hard to decide on what to improve because focusing on too many things at once can be over whelming in this already tense environment when are living in. Some coping measures people have been using during lockdown […]