3 Ways to Become a Better Runner

Still loving these warmer summer days. With the changes in season coming our way we always look to ways to stay fit and healthy and what’s great about running is you can do it all year long and might find that you love it more during the cooler months.

Running is one of the best exercises not only for weight loss and toning but for your overall health as well. Running helps to build strong bones, it improves your cardiovascular health and it is a great stress reliever. It is also one of the cheapest forms of fitness you can take up. No gym contracts or expensive gear needed.

Now it’s not hard to start running but there is a right and a wrong way. The most important thing is consistency with your training and commitment to putting in the effort.

Here are three tips if you are wanting to start running.

Ease yourself into it

If the last time you ran was at school then you will definitely want to take it slow and build up speed and distance over a few weeks. Not only to improve your fitness level as you go but if you run too fast too quickly you will almost be guaranteed an injury. Not a good start.

Make a schedule and mix up distance and speed each time. So start with 10 minutes of running at first. Break this into intervals of 30-second jog and 2 minute walk. Repeat 4 times in each session.

Do this for the 1st week, then the 2nd week make it 1 minute jogging and 1 and a half minutes walking. Gradually bring more time to the jogging and less to the walking and soon you will be jogging for 40minutes straight.

Work on your technique

Poor posture is not your friend if you want to run. This can lead to injury and slower times. Make you’re your back is straight, shoulders back and abs sucked in. never underestimate good technique – and posture is all about good technique.

Make running part of your daily routine

It’s always hard getting into a new routine – especially when there is exercise involved. So to keep things exciting and to keep you motivated find little ways to keep you motivated.

Such as creating a new playlist. If you’re listening to an upbeat song you like to are more likely to push yourself a little harder than listening to nothing.

Set goals for new gear – after your first 2 weeks of successfully staying on track why don’t you gift yourself a new pair of trainers, or leggings. You can also set milestones and once you reach them you reward yourself. Whether it be a day at the spa or a new pair of running shoes – Just remember to reward yourself in a healthy way not with bad food.

To stay committed why not do the buddy system. Get a friend to join you and you can encourage each other on the days you don’t feel like going as you are more likely to stick to it if someone is waiting for you.

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Now that you have the three steps to start why not set a date this week and go for your first 40 minute session. Let us know in the comments section if you will be giving this a try?

Good luck rubies and we hope you have fun while getting fit and healthy.

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27 thoughts on “3 Ways to Become a Better Runner

  1. Inga S. says:

    I tried running last year 2021 April at the beginning of our first lockdown as a country,I only managed for a few days because I’d feel like I couldn’t breathe so I stopped 🤣🤣🤣. Reading this article really thought me a thing or two.

  2. Shana B. says:

    I started running more consistently at the end of 2019 and with the lockdown last year I didn’t want to give that up, so I made a commitment to stick with it and I have. One of the best things I have done in the past year. Just be careful to wear comfortable shoes as my feet have been my only struggle.

  3. NYIKO M. says:

    Started running again had to get my grove back, it felt really good and the quiet sessions when I was walking are definitely a need . My body thanked me….