Switch Up Your At-Home Workouts!

Working out at home and staying motivated is a challenge, we know! It is important to keep your at-home routine fresh, new and exciting. Luckily, with millions of killer workouts at the tip of our fingers, we can easily create new weekly workout routines to love and enjoy!

Keep motivated and switch up your at-home workout routine with these 11 awesome YouTube videos:

Low Impact Lower Body Workout with Toni Mitchell

Blogilates Total Body Beginner Pilates

Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Ab Challenge

HIIT Workout with Brittne

Burn up to 500 cals with this indoor walk workout!

25-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata Workout

10-Minute Booty Burn with Pamela Reif

Total Body Yoga with Adriene

10 minute Jump Rope Workout


Love to try one of these workouts? Let us know in the comments which video you will be adding to your workout routine this week ♥︎

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5 thoughts on “Switch Up Your At-Home Workouts!

  1. Samantha McKerry says:

    Love this article. Always in need of tutorial and motivation. The weight loss journey is always a challenge. I tend to fall off the wagon very quickly these days. I have tried the “Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Ab Challenge”, don’t feel bad when she makes it look so effortless and you feel like you about to pass out in the first 3 secs. 😅

  2. Ricki Khumalo says:

    Love this article so much because the workouts are easy to do (especially the one that has the advanced and modified workout in one) and I like that it can be done at home, especially in these times of the pandemic.

  3. rmuza759 says:

    The indoor walk workout is a challenge for me. I recently just started my fitness journey and living a healthy lifestyle so the workout article keep me going. Thank you Rubybox🙏

  4. cleffysmugwedi says:

    3mile fat burning indoor walk is what I will be doing today, slowly but surely will change my lifestyle. Looking forward to great results

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