Never Skip A Monday!

Ever heard the saying ‘Never Miss a Monday Workout’?

Well this video posted by SA Fitness Queens will get you into the swing of things for your week ahead, give this manic Monday routine a try to set the tone for your workout week ahead.

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121 thoughts on “Never Skip A Monday!

  1. D'anna K. says:

    Mondays have always been a difficult day for me, but with the help of my 4-year-old son he doesn’t make me miss this, I make sure to promise him a walk to the park or some form of play that will require me to also participate in on a Sunday night and lo and behold come Monday he will nag me until I do it. Even if it is a 10-minute activity after that I feel really great and have greater motivation for the rest of the week and also I have managed to keep a promise to my little one who now knows the value of a promise and that you should never break a promise or go back on your word. Two birds with one stone.