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Let’s Talk About Sex Baby! 🎶

Giirrrll, are you having trouble getting in the mood or achieving an orgasm?👀 Well, if you are, don’t stress because you are not alone and we’ve got you! Many women have fluctuating sex drives and that is completely OKAY. Here are 5 things women need for a happy and healthy sex life and to create […]

Why Your Girlfriends are Important

Sometimes we become so preoccupied with finding romance that we forget about the love that already surrounds us. Having a solid group of female friends is important for every woman. Our girlfriends give us someone to relate to, someone to vent to and someone to have fun with. The bonds between women can help you […]

The Most Attractive Scents

Scents can be incredibly powerful things. Not only can they make you feel confident and become an integral part of your identity, but they can create an impression and help you to stick in somebody’s mind potentially forever as scents are strongly connected to memory recall. We all know that when we smell a nice […]

Finding the Right Birth Control for You

Finding the Right Birth Control for You Birth control can be a real pain, but it’s an unfortunate necessity. Across the nation, 65% of women aged 15-49 are on some form of contraceptive. Though safe sex is the responsibility of both parties involved, it is the unfortunate reality that the onus is largely on us […]

Have a sex bucket list, well you do now!

Everyone has sexual fantasies, it’s perfectly normal and even if you are the most adventurous when it comes to sex it’s highly unlikely that you have made it through every possible sexual scenario. Regardless of that if you are looking to get a bit more experienced and reignite some passion why not sit down and […]

Impress your partner’s family – 1st time round!

We know how important it is to make a good first impression especially when it’s someone who means a lot to you. We also know that those first impressions can last a life time. We have come across a couple of tips to help you survive your first experience with meeting your partner’s family for […]