9/10 rubies would recommend Vawter Hard Seltzer 💚

Yay for warmer days and earlier rises. Summer is officially heading our way and what a better way to celebrate its arrival then with Vawter Hard Seltzer. Staying on the ‘lighter’ side of life this Summer is definitely where it’s at and Vawter Hard Seltzer makes it so effortless and easy. We all want to […]

Be money smart this festive season💰

The festive season is around the corner and the spending spree is loading. No matter how hard we try, it’s really difficult not to overspend at this time of year. With a bit of thought and forward planning, you can be level headed and avoid the financial hangover that often pops in January! Some tips […]

Bust odour. Smell irresistible – The AXE Effect

When you smell good, good things happen, isn’t that right rubies? When you smell good you’re a little more confident and life opens up a world of possibilities. Attraction is for everyone and between anyone, doesn’t matter your race, your sexuality or your pronouns. If you’re into it and they’re into it, we’re into it […]

Dialling up the Glow with Bernini’s New Look #TheSquadIsGlowingUp

SA’s much loved real Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzante has dialled up the Glow just in time for the Summer Season. With an all new premium, sophisticated bottle shape and easy-open cap. Glow Getters can now enjoy the Frizzante they’ve always loved with even more convenience and style. The new manicure-friendly easy-open cap has been designed […]

rubybox reviews & ratings: NIVEA SUN Shine Control SPF50 & NIVEA SUN Anti-Age Q10 SPF50 Face Cream ☀️

As women we all love to follow a routine. Be it a haircare routine, makeup routine or a workout routine. No matter the routine we do them so we can feel in control and beautiful and to achieve the best results possible for those areas of concern. We all know that if we skip a […]

Thin & Comfortable [Libresse Ultra Regular Testimonials]

Libresse Ultra Regular towels and Libresse Goodnight Ultra towels are designed to help us feel confident (day and night!) and make things more comfortable in our busy day-to-day lives, while on our periods. #Letslivefearless There is nothing gross or embarrassing about being on your period. Period. The only way to end period stigma is by […]

10/10 rubies would recommend GynaGuard*

Last month a group of rubybox members took part in a ‘Buy-to-Try’ test and review with GynaGuard Vaginal Capsules & GynaGuard Intimate Wash. These rubies had symptoms such as unusual odor, discharge, itching, inflammation, and discomfort and were excited to put GynaGuard Vaginal Capsules to the test. GynaGuard Vaginal Capsules are clinically proven for use […]

Get Your Glow on With NEW NIVEA Tropical Coconut & Monoi Oil in Lotion

Do you normally add oil to your body cream or lotion for added moisture and fragrance? Do you find that oil on your skin is often too slow absorbing and greasy? Exotic Monoi Oil…. Meets NIVEA’S luxurious lotion, for beautiful, glowing skin. Introducing NEW NIVEA Coconut & Monoi Oil Body Lotion and Cream. The delicately […]