Let’s Talk About Sex Baby! 🎶

Giirrrll, are you having trouble getting in the mood or achieving an orgasm?👀 Well, if you are, don’t stress because you are not alone and we’ve got you! Many women have fluctuating sex drives and that is completely OKAY. Here are 5 things women need for a happy and healthy sex life and to create […]

[April Newsletter] A month filled with flashbacks 📸

APRIL NEWSLETTER Two years ago to this very day our president announced that we would be going into a hard lockdown. We all naively believed it would be all over in a matter of weeks and oh boy were we wrong. Offices and hospitality industry closed and healthcare professionals prepared themselves for an influx of […]

5 Tips to Grow Your Lashes Naturally 👀

Some women are lucky enough to have naturally long, beautiful eyelashes. Others (like us) have shorter lashes. And sometimes it seems that no matter how much of those ‘Lengthening’ and ‘Volumizing’ mascaras we buy, our lashes just don’t seem to ‘flutter’ and ‘look longer’. There is always lash extensions, but these are costly to maintain […]

Foods That Soothe Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Food intolerance, weather, eczema, genetics and very dry skin can actually increase your skins sensitivity. Signs that your skin could be reacting to the above may be bumps, become inflamed, flush, and have weakened capillaries that cause thread veins. We’ve rounded up the top super foods to heal from within […]

Trust NIVEA MEN to come through for your man

Does your man talk about that sticky feeling on his skin when he applies body lotion? NIVEA MEN has developed a breakthrough innovation that you’ll want to tell your man about! Trust NIVEA MEN to come through for your man! Just as tech brands introduce the latest new gadgets and updates, NIVEA MEN has developed […]