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18 basic Yoga Poses to get you to become a real Yogi

18 basic Yoga Poses to get you to become a real Yogi

While everyone seems to be on the topic of improvement during lockdown. We understand that it can be hard to decide on what to improve because focusing on too many things at once can be over whelming in this already tense environment when are living in. Some coping measures people have been using during lockdown […]

Easy lower belly wall workout

Easy lower belly wall workout

Who doesn’t love a quick, but KILLER workout you can easily do in any space? This bodyweight workout targets the lower belly and consists of only 5 exercises using only a wall! Try to do as many reps and rounds you can to make it a full sweaty workout.💦 (Source: Shared directly from here.) Want […]

Challenge yourself with a fitness app

challenge yourself with a fitness app

With lockdown only allowing 3 hours to walk or exercise outdoors within a safe distance and wearing a mask why not track your distance, time, and calories using this to set and reach goals every week. Why not challenge yourself with a fitness app. Why? Not only will this help with health benefits it’s also […]

Inspiring healthy food and fitness accounts to follow!

Inspiring healthy food and fitness accounts to follow

Need some new fitness and healthy food inspo? We have something for everyone rubies! Whether you are looking for new workouts with your partner, home workouts for yourself, looking to build some muscle, shred a little OR just need to spark some creativity for your next yummy meal. @gracemotswana – For AMAZING at-home workouts using […]

At-home workout charts

at-home workout chart

Coming into month two of lockdown, daily life needs to change longterm including fitness and how we workout. For some, a light walk around the neighborhood is enough. For those who are used to going to the gym every day or workout classes, it is slightly more challenging. Why not create your own workout routine […]

Workouts to do without leaving your bedroom

Workouts to do without leaving your bedroom

Trust us, we have been there thinking of how nice it will be to sleep late every morning during lockdown. The reality is the less you do during the day the more you struggle to sleep at night and no one likes insomnia. So, instead of cringing the minute you think of attempting any exercise. […]

Ab Workout For Beginners

ab exercises

If you’re looking for a daily exercise routine to tighten those abs then this ab workout for beginners is what you need. Alinde Ngubane is a certified personal trainer and is all about living a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. Here she shows us an easy to follow, no-equipment ab workout for beginners which can […]

20-minute full-body workout at home

20 minute home workout

If there was ever a time to start working out at home, it’s now. With the social distancing and lockdowns happening all around the world people are looking for any real source of inspiration or routine in their very mundane lives. We know we are, and it doesn’t help that we constantly find ourselves wondering […]