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What Are Kegel Exercises?

Ever since Gwenyth Paltrow’s jade yoni eggs came along, kegel exercises have been all the rage. Though the concept itself isn’t new, word is getting around about the benefits of kegel exercises through TikTok challenges and fancy gadgets to help you practice them. But what are they and why should you be doing them? Kegel […]

Foods to Eat to Look Good NAKED

Being confident is sexually empowering and it doesn’t matter if you are stripping down for yourself or for a partner – it is all about how you feel about yourself. Most of which starts with ‘If you feel good you look good’. So taking care of yourself gives you that extra boost of confidence – […]

ruby reviews: “My Skin Is GLOWING!”


Feed your skin with the goodness it deserves! The NEW Dove Nourishing Body Care Collection leaves your skin visibly soft and smooth with a healthy glow. Make beautifully soft skin an essential. rubies have tried the new Dove Nourishing Body Care Collection and they are loving the look and feel of their skin. Formulated with […]

The Essence Of Man

BRUT launch magazine

What makes a man rubies? Is it his charm, his confidence, his achievements? Or is it what drives him? What makes a man, is what he chooses to BECOME. Brut is a distinctively masculine fragrance that embodies the spirit of men who know who they are and stay true to themselves. We sent a survey […]