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7 Things Rich People Don’t Waste Money On

Oh what a joy it would be to be rich – to have enough money to buy anything we want! But building wealth doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time, and also has a lot to do with the decisions we make. After all, there are only three things we can do with our money […]

Do you know about bare minimum Mondays? 😴

We all know that feeling when it’s Monday morning, and you’re already dreading the week ahead. The weekend went by in a blink of an eye, leaving you overwhelmed with work, chores, and countless responsibilities. But what if I told you there’s a new trend on TikTok that might just help alleviate some of that […]

5 proven ways to increase your productivity whilst decreasing your stress

Change your life by becoming more productive, without speeding up the pace of life. Whether you’ve set resolutions this year or not, we all desire to grow and have a more fruitful year than the last. At the same time, many of us mums are feeling like we’re pushed to the max already. At capacity, […]

The Potential Benefits Of CBD

CBD has garnered much attention as a natural alternative to conventional medicine for many health conditions. It is now legal in South Africa and approved by the South African Health Professionals Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) which is really good news for those looking for a complementary health solution to target a variety of health concerns naturally. […]

5 DIY Face Scrubs You’ll Want To Try🧴

It is recommended to scrub your face at least once or twice a week. These homemade scrub recipes are perfect if you are looking to save money or if you have a moment to pamper yourself. Plus, what a bonus that you probably own most of these ingredients already? 1. Gentle Oat Scrub Oats are […]

Why You Should Never Take Your Phone Into The Bathroom 🚽

Nowadays we are on our phones a lot throughout the day. Whether it be on social media, news apps or work – we might as well be superglued to our phones. So much so that we sometimes feel the need to take them with us wherever we go, including the bathroom. This is a big […]

Handbag Hygiene 101

Handbags are a girls best friend and tend to go everywhere and anywhere with us. We often forget the health risk of having a handbag. It is known that a woman’s handbag could house more bacteria than a public toilet. So in order to avoid this we have put a list together to ensure your […]

Foods That Will Actually Cure Your Hangover

There are loads of great hangover cures out there, but also loads of terrible ones (hair of the dog, we’re looking at you). It’s hard to know which ones to actually try the morning after a night of partying. One thing that’s always important is nourishing yourself with the right foods, even if that’s the […]

Reuse Hacks to Save Money and The Planet

It’s obvious that wastage is bad for the planet – we’ve heard the catchy phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” since we were kids. It’s constantly talked about in the context of going green, but we often don’t think about how hard it hits our wallets too! The more we waste the more we buy, and often […]

Cheap Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Cheap Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We all know that chemicals aren’t great for us or for the earth, but we can’t seem to get away from them these days. We also all need a clean living space – something that often requires chemicals to achieve. What if there was another way that was chemical-free, eco-friendly and saves you money? Store-bought […]