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Switch Up Your At-Home Workouts!

Working out at home and staying motivated is a challenge, we know! It is important to keep your at-home routine fresh, new and exciting. Luckily, with millions of killer workouts at the tip of our fingers, we can easily create new weekly workout routines to love and enjoy! Keep motivated and switch up your at-home […]

At-home workout charts

at-home workout chart

Coming into month two of lockdown, daily life needs to change longterm including fitness and how we workout. For some, a light walk around the neighborhood is enough. For those who are used to going to the gym every day or workout classes, it is slightly more challenging. Why not create your own workout routine […]

Workouts to do without leaving your bedroom

Workouts to do without leaving your bedroom

Trust us, we have been there thinking of how nice it will be to sleep late every morning during lockdown. The reality is the less you do during the day the more you struggle to sleep at night and no one likes insomnia. So, instead of cringing the minute you think of attempting any exercise. […]

20-minute full-body workout at home

20 minute home workout

If there was ever a time to start working out at home, it’s now. With the social distancing and lockdowns happening all around the world people are looking for any real source of inspiration or routine in their very mundane lives. We know we are, and it doesn’t help that we constantly find ourselves wondering […]