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NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti Dark Marks Serum and introducing the New NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Post Acne Dark Mark Serum

Dark marks are a challenge that affect many South African women; especially those with melanin-rich skin tones, regardless of skin type. These women aspire to achieve perfectly even-toned skin, yet dark marks, unevenness stand in the way, perhaps even dampening their confidence.   Are you on the lookout for a solution against dark marks?   We’ve […]

John Frieda PROfiller+ Range: Elevate Your Hair Game

Are you tired of dealing with fine, thin hair that lacks volume and strength? Say hello to your hair’s new best friend: the John Frieda PROfiller+ Range. Designed to give your locks an instant boost, this transformative trio, featuring shampoo, conditioner, and spray is your ticket to thicker, fuller, and stronger hair with just one […]

Budget Friendly Skincare [Tips From Our Rubybox Beauty Blogger @Unam_Mati]

Most of us are familiar with the troubles of dealing with hyperpigmentation and dry skin around our eyes. The world of skincare has evolved immensely, providing solutions to these troubles. However, majority of these solutions are offered at extravagant prices that not many can always afford. If you are looking for a natural and more […]