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The Essence Of Man

What makes a man rubies? Is it his charm, his confidence, his achievements? Or is it what drives him?

What makes a man, is what he chooses to BECOME.

Brut is a distinctively masculine fragrance that embodies the spirit of men who know who they are and stay true to themselves.

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We sent a survey to our rubies a few weeks ago to opt-in for their man to test this product. If you opted in, we could be sending this product for your man to test so be sure to look out for our ‘congrats’ email.

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168 thoughts on “The Essence Of Man

  1. Verushka De Monk says:

    I absolutely love it when men smell good. My partner knows this so he covers himself in what I like… anything masculine normally does the trick but Brut… Brut sis just the cherry on top. He uses both the body spray and after shave. The best thing about these products are that the smell doesn’t fade after a few hours like other sprays do. When I see him later (after work) he’ll still smell like when I last saw him a few minutes ago.

  2. Lindiwe Mhlongo says:

    My husband work outside the entire day and exposed to heat, he would like to test BRUT and would like to smell it on him.
    #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

  3. Nandipha Tywili says:

    Lol Brut reminds me of my late dad. I’m laughing because I married someone like him, a person who works hard but still loves smelling nice fresh. With our anniversary coming in 2 months, this would a nice gasture.

  4. Sendra Lebethela Letsoalo says:

    Oh woow.

    We always had a tin of Brut at home growing up. I would love to try this for the male people close to me. It is a good smelling perfumed body spray.

    #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

    • clarissaramsunder4 says:

      Brut has the best smell even if a man works out the smell is still strong,even when you wash his clothes the smell is still there,so I would love for my husband to test it #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

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