ruby reviews: “My Skin Is GLOWING!”

Feed your skin with the goodness it deserves! The NEW Dove Nourishing Body Care Collection leaves your skin visibly soft and smooth with a healthy glow. Make beautifully soft skin an essential.

rubies have tried the new Dove Nourishing Body Care Collection and they are loving the look and feel of their skin. Formulated with dual action NutriDUO technology. NutriDUO moisturises skin both on the inside and outside. With ingredients that attract and hold moisture in the skin on the outside and provides a better moisture barrier on the inside.

Two of our gorgeous rubies, Brenda and Lorriane, have tested the Dove Nourishing Body Care Pampering Body Lotion with Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla and here is what they thought!

Have you tried this product? Or will you be trying it now that you have seen the rubies feedback? Let us know in the comments rubies ♥︎

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12 thoughts on “ruby reviews: “My Skin Is GLOWING!”

  1. mthobisikazuzu says:

    Sometimes my skin is exposed to extreme heat causing me to sweat a lot and loose my skin’s moisture and elasticity. I would like to try this product on myself to keep my skin moisturised and glowing . I have always trusted Dove to deliver on its promises

  2. Tamara Sanda says:

    My husband and my son would like to test the product , through the lockdown my son gained weight and his armpads are starting to sweat so i would love to test a product before we commit on product

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