Foods to Eat to Look Good NAKED

Being confident is sexually empowering and it doesn’t matter if you are stripping down for yourself or for a partner – it is all about how you feel about yourself. Most of which starts with ‘If you feel good you look good’.

So taking care of yourself gives you that extra boost of confidence – think about when you leave the salon with a new hair-do, you feel like you could step onto a runway right?

The way you feel and look and what you put on your body has the same effect as what you put into your body. Below we go over some of the top items to eat to bring out your natural glow from within.


Collagen is an amino acid that your body produces naturally but as you age it makes less of overtime. It plays a major part in strengthening, hydration, and elasticity, which means tighter skin and fewer wrinkles. Taking collagen tells the body to make more of its own for long-term effects (score). The list of benefits from added collagen goes on and on. There are so many forms of powder collagen, from liquid to tablets. There are also vegan-friendly and halal options depending on your preference.


The stress hormone cortisol creates belly and neck fat and keeps it stored there. While most likely you can’t get rid of everyday stress in your life, you can add vitamin C-rich foods to help you combat those nasty stress hormones like mango which is rich in vitamin C.

Olive Oil

There’s a reason why people from the Mediterranean look so belissimo! They drizzle olive oil on everything, giving themselves a healthy dose of vitamins E and K, lots of antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Healthy fat = healthy glow. But before you load up be sure you are using pure olive oil as there are loads of blends on the shelf. The pure unblended variants do cost more but you get what you pay for. A little tip when choosing an olive oil – the greener it is the purer it is.

Lean Protein

Most meats have bad fats in them, so lean grass-fed meat is always the better option. Grass-fed usually means that there are less total fat and more omega-3s, which are healthy fats. It also means more antioxidants like vitamin E, which is great for improving the quality of your skin.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle leaf is a natural diuretic that flushes out the acid from your joints and muscles. Nettle leaf helps to detoxify your whole system, leaving you looking clean and refreshed and feeling energetically grounded, clear, and strong.


You had me a low in calories. Beetroot is low in calories and high in minerals and vitamins and fiber (triple threat) They are also easily found at the grocery store and can be prepared in various ways. Beetroot also contains nitrates and pigments that may help lower blood pressure and assist in your workout performance.

Do you have any power foods that you include I your diet for the benefits?


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  1. gugukh79 says:

    Potassium is a sexy mineral—it gets blood flowing, provides energy, and increases the production of male sex hormones—and squash is packed with it, plus fiber to keep you satisfied.

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