Workouts to do without leaving your bedroom

Workouts to do without leaving your bedroom

Trust us, we have been there thinking of how nice it will be to sleep late every morning during lockdown. The reality is the less you do during the day the more you struggle to sleep at night and no one likes insomnia.

So, instead of cringing the minute you think of attempting any exercise. Have a look at these workout routines that literally only require you to roll out of bed and start. No need for gym clothes or anything.

The Apartment Therapy YouTube Channel has everything you need during lockdown. From workouts to DIY things you need to do in and around your apartment – that you have been avoiding for months. Theres no better time then now, to get ahead of those necessary activities, and feel that amazing sense of accomplishment when its all done.

YouTuber Emi Wong has a number of different workouts you can try on her YouTube channel with a few being straight from bed. For those of you too comfy to get out of bed in the mornings Emi Wong gives you no excuse to get that workout done.

If you are looking for more workout inspiration, click here for a workout that burns fat fast.

So rubies what workouts have you been doing during lockdown? Let us know in the comments section below.

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