20 minute home workout

20-minute full-body workout at home

If there was ever a time to start working out at home, it’s now. With the social distancing and lockdowns happening all around the world people are looking for any real source of inspiration or routine in their very mundane lives. We know we are, and it doesn’t help that we constantly find ourselves wondering to the fridge when boredom strikes.

Now that health has become such a hot topic of conversation its vital to keep our bodies moving which not only benefits us physically but also mentally during these unprecedented times. It also provides us with just that little bit of structure to keep us productive and functioning as normal as possible in order to carry on once this is all over.

In this video from MadFit we are shown a quick and easy 20 minute full body workout that includes all the necessary cardio exercises needed to get that heart rate up. Ensuring we feel incredible afterwards, because if anything our goal for 2020 should be to be happy and healthy.


(Video: 20 Min FULL BODY WORKOUT / At Home & Equipment Free)

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