Local is lekker – loving your staycation

Who doesn’t look forward to the holidays?  It’s a time of year to down tools, relax and rejuvenate, and reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones.  We don’t always have to travel far or have lavish holidays, and with the coronavirus, many people feel that the safest place is home.  There’s so much one can […]

Bloggers Review: Bernini Amber Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzante

There’s a new Glow in Town ladies. The NEW Bernini Amber is a Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzante, light and delicately sparkling with a soft orange-gold colour. This alcoholic beverage has a complex taste profile with sparkling wine notes along with delicate fruit characteristics and a sweet scent.  What’s not to love about the NEW Bernini […]

Getting festive without breaking the bank

The festive season is looming and our bank cards want to go into hiding! For most of us, it’s a really costly time of year. There is so much pressure on making memories with family and friends – we entertain, party, and spoil our loved ones, or even ourselves! You may be one of the […]