How Exercise Can Help Manage Anxiety

The last thing you probably feel like doing when suffering from anxiety is working out, but you will be surprised at how much it will help you calm down. It has been scientifically proven that physical exercise uses up excess adrenaline in people who experience anxiety this in turn reduces anxious thoughts. Exercise is also […]

Are Everyday Habits Giving Us Wrinkles?

Do the words “if you pull a face like that, it’ll stay that way” ring a bell? Turns out our moms may have been onto something. Dr Janet Wu, a respected dermatologist, believes that our muscular movements contribute to skin ageing. Dr Wu explains that the way we manipulate our faces can cause wrinkles, and as a […]

Fluffy Flapjack Cake with Creamy Vanilla Buttercream

When anyone asks me what my secret ingredient is in my baked goods I always answer with VANILLA!! I have always added a little extra to all of my recipes, it just adds that little something! This Fluffy Flapjack Cake with Creamy Vanilla Buttercream is the ultimate combination of breakfast and dessert. The layers of […]

11 Easy Tips to Get Your Body into Shape for Summer ☀️

It’s slowly warming up and almost time to get your bikini from the bottom drawer and dust it off. So we’ve found some easy tips for you to start on your summer body – now don’t get us wrong, it’s not about losing weight to fit into that bikini – for us, it’s more about […]

Final Ratings: NEW Panado® Paediatric Syrup 5ml Sachets

rubies if you have little ones, you know there are always times when you need to soothe away hurts and pains, and even fever, but if you are away from home, you may not have what you need on hand. The Trusted Panado® Paediatric Syrup in peppermint flavour, now available in a convenient 5ml sachet […]

9/10 rubies would recommend Vawter Hard Seltzer 💚

Yay for warmer days and earlier rises. Summer is officially heading our way and what a better way to celebrate its arrival then with Vawter Hard Seltzer. Staying on the ‘lighter’ side of life this Summer is definitely where it’s at and Vawter Hard Seltzer makes it so effortless and easy. We all want to […]