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The Dopamine Effect of Volunteering: Why Giving Back Feels So Good

Hello everyone,  Volunteering is often seen as a selfless act, a way to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the lives of others. However, what many people don’t realise is that volunteering can also have significant benefits for the volunteer themselves. These benefits are not just emotional or psychological; they […]

Embracing Reflection Amid Religious Observances

As I reflect on the transition from March to April, I’m struck by the mosaic of religious observances that surround us, each offering profound opportunities for introspection and renewal. Personally, March marked the culmination of Lent, a period of deep reflection leading up to the pivotal event of Christ’s death and resurrection—a cornerstone of my […]


What a start to the year! I don’t know about you, but I’m starting February grateful, and full of renewed fire – all thanks to so many of you that chose to join me in ‘Starting Strong’. Together, we took 21 small steps and days toward a better, brighter life. Of course, it wasn’t all […]


rubies, welcome to not just another new year, but a brand new era!😁🎉   Together in 2024, let’s tap into the collective power of community like never before. Let’s shrug off old habits and self-limiting beliefs and step into our potential. And to do all that: let’s start strong!   At the end of last […]


Dear friends Have you noticed our world’s obsession with speed and efficiency? Especially out of the starting blocks… car manufacturers boast about how quickly a vehicle can get from 0 to 100 km/hr, cosmetic brands promise instant results (cramming an eye-watering amount of herbs and benefits into each drop), and influencers share their best-kept secrets […]


Dear friends If you’ve been journeying with us these past few months, you may have noticed a pattern… We’ve looked at knowing your power, then, knowing your body, and this month, I felt to remind us to know our enemy. This isn’t a particularly new idea. In fact, Sun Tzu first encouraged it in 500 […]


Last month, I challenged us all to ‘know our power’. This month, it’s time to go one step further, and get to know our bodies (really know them). Buckle up, ladies – this is one trip you don’t want to miss! You see, if we don’t first know our bodies, how can we possibly love […]


We all have a way of seeing the world and ourselves. Think about yourself for a moment… what words would you use to describe you? Choose at least five and jot them down. Now for the big reveal: this short list is more important than any other list you’ve written today, perhaps even this month […]

Rise Up Beautiful You, Celebrate You! [Jewellery Giveaway]

Happy Women’s Month rubies! In a world that’s constantly evolving, us millennials are emerging as trailblazers, shaping the future with our unique perspectives and passions. Our generation is a force to be reckoned with, embodying resilience, empathy, and unyielding determination. As a millennial woman, you have the power to make a difference not only in […]

[NEWSLETTER]A Winter guide to finding joy!

Winter is here, and while some may cringe at the thought of shorter days and colder temperatures, let’s shift our perspective and discover the joy that this season holds. It’s time to cosy up, take care of ourselves, and nourish our minds, bodies, and social connections. Let’s dive into the secrets of finding Winter bliss! […]