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August is women’s rights month, and it’s a great time to highlight what a beautiful experience being a woman is. It’s easy to get hung up on our struggles and the challenges we face every day – as women we have some incredibly difficult obstacles to deal with in daily life. It’s so important for […]

[WIN] July Month Survival Guide

Yay it’s a new month and with that comes new goal setting, new challenges and new life lessons. But we aren’t ones to take on anything we can’t handle and being the strong capable women we are. We can surely take on anything we put our minds too. Starting Winter in July on Level 4 […]

Hello there May! [Newsletter]

May 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to another beautiful month rubies! 5 months into 2021, can you believe it? We for sure can’t. If you are new here, hello beautiful and welcome to the rubybox family. We are so happy to have you part of our community of strong women who help each other rise up every day!♥︎ This month […]

Hello March! [Newsletter]


Happy March rubies! We are 3 months into 2021 – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! A new season is emerging! Are you excited to rock some winter fashion looks soon? ⛄️ A couple of months back we encouraged you to try saying daily positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror for a whole month long. Did […]

Get Loved Up This February

So, it’s the month of love and some of us might be super keen to celebrate while others might be feeling super lonely and just trying to avoid it altogether. We’d like to let you know that we are all here for you no matter how you are feeling. Self-love is just as important as […]

HELLO 2021!

January Newsletter 2021

rubies- happy, happy new year🍾🎉  We hope you had an amazing festive season and that you’re fully rested and READY for the year ahead! We can’t wait to get the year started with you and to share all the exciting new campaigns launching in the next few months! Be sure to keep an eye out […]

The Last Of 2020

Who knew we would get here! The last month of 2020 is here finally and what a year it has been. We’re sure a lot of you feel the same way we do about this year. Some might describe this year as a complete and total mess and others might describe it as the year […]

2 Months left of 2020!

2 Months left of 2020!

You know the end of the year is around the corner when Christmas decor has taken over your local shopping center and ♫ Jingle Bells ♫ is on repeat. But it’s true, there is officially 2 months left of 2020! Just as extremely long this year has felt, at the same time, it flashed before […]

Only THREE MONTHS left of 2020


Where has this year gone? SERIOUSLY do any of you feel like we have been in a constant time-lapse for the past 6 months. I guess 2020 is one of those years that puts everything in perspective. Seasonal changes almost always get us in a slump, so if you are feeling like us at the […]