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He love’s me, he loves me not 💋

Happy new month rubies! Welcome to another beautiful month filled with, new goals, new dreams, and endless possibilities If you are new to the rubybox community, hello beautiful, and welcome. Our community is all about uplifting, celebrating, and supporting each other to rise up from anything. So Rise Up Beautiful You! Welcome home xx Love […]

Bye bye Summer ☀️

Where are our Winter babies at? Some of you might agree that Winter is the best season. Hold your horses we aren’t here yet but it’s safe to say that we are definitely nearing another season change and with that comes new trendy fashion staples to go along with it. A season change is essentially […]

[NEWSLETTER] It’s love month 💗

It’s that time of the year again. February is upon us, and suddenly panic arises as people think of the perfect Valentine’s Day ideas. We have compiled a few Valentine’s Day ideas that will level up your day, whether you’re single, celebrating with your gals or just with your significant other. PLUS, exactly zero of […]

January is Veganuary. Will you ditch meat this month?

January is Veganuary. Will you ditch meat this month? Happy New Year rubies, here’s to 2023 (2020 me!!) being the best year yet! We thought to kickstart it with a little challenge for you all. With all the New Year’s resolutions top of mind why not add being vegan for a whole 31 days in […]

[NEWSLETTER] Ho, Ho Ho: Survival tips for the office Secret Santa

Ho, Ho Ho: How to survive Secret Santa in the office And just like that it’s Christmas time again when Secret Santa promises to set the festive mood in workplaces across the country. While some may feel this merrymaking seems innocent, others may feel a sense of severe anxiety attached to all things gifting. On […]

[NEWSLETTER] Local is Lekker 💋

It’s the last two months of 2022, can you actually believe it?! We’re in shock but also so stoked that silly season is upon us and we finally get the chance to let our hair down a bit. With that being said some of you might still want to achieve the ultimate balance between a […]

[October Newsletter] Are you Summer ready? ☀️

Can you believe we are slowly but surely heading closer to Summer! We can’t contain our excitement either but before we start with the newsletter we want to remind all you strong powerful independent rubies out there that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. We urge you all to check yourself and educate […]

Put a spring in your step this September! 🌸

Put a spring in your step this September! 🌸 And just like that we are heading to the final 3 months of the year! Who knew the months would fly by like they have? With Spring looming, we thought to make the most of the last 3 months of 2022. It’s time to get into […]

[Newsletter] You’re a GIRL BOSS, and don’t you forget it! 💋

Don’t give up, don’t take anything too personally, and don’t take no for an answer. – Sophia Amorugo With only 5 months left of 2022, you might feel a little lost or despondent. This year has flown by and sometimes what we planned to accomplish and what we end up accomplishing are two different things […]


And just like that we are halfway through the year rubies! Yip that’s right only 6 more months to go and it’ll be 2023 crazy right? So, what does the month of July have in store for us? NO MORE MASKS, that’s been a real adjustment not having to scramble for a mask before leaving […]