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[NEWSLETTER]A Winter guide to finding joy!

Winter is here, and while some may cringe at the thought of shorter days and colder temperatures, let’s shift our perspective and discover the joy that this season holds. It’s time to cosy up, take care of ourselves, and nourish our minds, bodies, and social connections. Let’s dive into the secrets of finding Winter bliss! […]


And just like that we are halfway through the year rubies! Yip that’s right only 6 more months to go and it’ll be 2023 crazy right? So, what does the month of July have in store for us? NO MORE MASKS, that’s been a real adjustment not having to scramble for a mask before leaving […]

Surround Yourself With People Who Push You To Do Better

july newsletter 2020

Today is the 1st of July rubies which means there are officially 183 days left of 2020. Surround Yourself With People Who Push You To Do Better. What will you be doing with the rest of your year rubies? Who will you be spending your time with and will you be doing anything to better […]