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We all have a way of seeing the world and ourselves. Think about yourself for a moment… what words would you use to describe you? Choose at least five and jot them down. Now for the big reveal: this short list is more important than any other list you’ve written today, perhaps even this month […]

Put a spring in your step this September! 🌸

Put a spring in your step this September! 🌸 And just like that we are heading to the final 3 months of the year! Who knew the months would fly by like they have? With Spring looming, we thought to make the most of the last 3 months of 2022. It’s time to get into […]

Spring Into Your Step This September [Fragrance Giveaway]

Here’s to 4 months left of 2021 and just a few months closer to Summer – Fragrance GIVEAWAY details below! I feel like a lot has happened this year from hoping everything would go back to normal to embracing the ‘NEW’ normal. We have really been through a trying time as a country but despite […]

Hello September [Newsletter]

September Newsletter 2020

rubies, happy September and happy Spring! There is officially 4 months left of this life-changing, crazy year, 2020 – can you believe it? We certainly can’t. If this year taught us something, it was to stay positive and to help others in a time of difficulties and uncertainty. It’s not easy, we know, being kind […]

September Lust List

Septembers hottest beauty finds and new products!