And just like that we are halfway through the year rubies! Yip that’s right only 6 more months to go and it’ll be 2023 crazy right?

So, what does the month of July have in store for us? NO MORE MASKS, that’s been a real adjustment not having to scramble for a mask before leaving for work in the morning or gasping because you’ve walked into the grocery store without one and you’ve been shown the door.

How are you feeling about the new ruling? Are you nervous, shy or are you over the moon about being able to see smiling faces again? Cue all women running to the nearest cosmetics stores to purchase their fave lipstick colour again because now it can actually be seen and not covered thanks to a mask.

We for one are loving the mask free ruling and it definitely helps us single girls when it comes to smiling at a handsome stranger across the bar or in the grocery store. Yeah, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel of what was a very lonely, anti-social three years.

Ever since the mask free ruling things have felt a little more positive in SA, we know we can’t forget about ESKOM and loadshedding or the petrol price but despite it all South Africans seem to be a lot more connected again thanks to being able to share a smile with a stranger while on your daily errands. We think it’s special and it’s something to be celebrated because if we can’t celebrate the small things what can we celebrate.

Let us know in the comments below how you are feeling about the mask free ruling and what exciting milestones or events you have coming up this month in July? We’d love to hear from you and share the excitement with you!

P.S. For some of you that have chosen to part ways with your masks please don’t forget to cut the strings off your masks before disposing them. Try dispose them in the most environmental way possible because we all know our planet would appreciate it. 


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211 thoughts on “[NEWSLETTER] MASK FREE JULY

        • elishia.ferguson says:

          I have not ditched the mask completely.. I hate that the mask has ruined my skin (especially the chin and jaw line). I broke out and now sit with acne scars. So when I feel like hiding, it’s on and I’m still not comfortable being in a crowded place without my mask but I do live the fact that I can now wear my specs and not worry about it misting up.. Still wanna know how you guys managed to waer a mask and specs 🤦🏽‍♀️ there I was, squinting away lol..

    • biyanet9 says:

      Am still an sure about no musks.
      But am happy on the other side becouse the musks where so hot and we straggled breathing.
      Thank you ruby for you informative articles.

  1. thuto dhlamini says:

    I’m happy that my face can finally breath, all the breakouts I have been dealing since we starting wearing the masks have really placed a dent in my confidence however now I’m going back full time to SHOWING OFF 🙂 my face and getting it GLOWING.

  2. Lindsey Mckey says:

    I’m happy that it’s no masks but I’m not comfortable not wearing my mask in most places. I still wear them I just don’t like that you get weird looks when you wearing them.

    • Melissa-Ann Ayer says:

      I am really thrilled about not wearing masks. I used to get mask acne and if I wore make – up it made my face oily. I’m looking forward to concerts the most and the little things even like shopping.

  3. Bernita Bornmann says:

    Happy to be with out the masks. Everyone should continue with the sanitizing though. Thank you to every one who did their part in wearing masks. My skin in better condition without mask and oxygen better not breathing in the mask anymore.

  4. Zintle says:

    I’m a bit anxious about the “mask free ruling” and I’ll continue wearing one especially at grocery stores especially now in flu seasons but with time I’ll adjust. Hoping July will be good to all of us!

  5. Cheryl says:

    I love not having to wear a mask anymore, was not good for my skin especially on a hot day. However, I will still wear my mask in certain crowded areas as a precaution.

  6. Anne De Air says:

    Happy 1st of July Rubies. I personally would be keeping my mask on for many reasons, it is safer this way for me & my loved ones. It is my choice. I am confident in it. I know that I would be keeping all my loved one’s safe. Stay safe & happy weekend rubies❤️