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rubies, it’s cold outside

Winter is here and it’s back with a vengeance. We don’t know if Summer was just super-hot or if we are in for a proper cold winter but the struggle is REAL. Especially when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. Winter also brings other forms of anxiety. You either get those […]

I Got It From My Mama!

Happy new month rubies! Welcome to another beautiful month filled with, new goals, new dreams, and endless possibilities✨ If you are new to the rubybox community, hello beautiful, and welcome. Our community is all about uplifting, celebrating, and supporting each other to rise up from anything. So Rise Up Beautiful You! Welcome home xx This […]

[April Newsletter] A month filled with flashbacks 📸

APRIL NEWSLETTER Two years ago to this very day our president announced that we would be going into a hard lockdown. We all naively believed it would be all over in a matter of weeks and oh boy were we wrong. Offices and hospitality industry closed and healthcare professionals prepared themselves for an influx of […]

March Newsletter

March is here, and although it is one of the most beautiful months of the year, our skin is changing as we move out of Summer and into Autumn. Remember those important resolutions you made at the beginning of this year – well if yours was focusing more on your skin health and skincare in […]

[Feb Newsletter] Gorgeous gorgeous girls deserve love 💋

Ah, Valentine’s Day one of the most Marmite days of the calendar where you either look forward to sharing a romantic evening with your partner or galentine (which ever you are into) or if you’re very single like we are – you dread it. While all your friends are busy enjoying their romantic evening with […]

2022 – We are so ready for you!

2022 – We are so ready for you! Wow, are we glad to see the end of 2021! We are sure a lot of you can agree that the past year has been the most challenging yet growth filled year we have ever experienced. Yes there were plenty ups and downs but thank goodness we […]

The Last Of 2021

Wow, what a whirlwind 2021 has been and I am sure you are just as shocked as we are to know that it’s almost over. As silly season approaches we like to take time out to reflect on the year that has past and all that we have been through and trust everyone has been […]

[Newsletter] End of Year Rut Getting You Down? 👀

Jeepers and just like that it’s November We’re certain you would agree when we say most of us are exhausted- emotionally, mentally and physically. As the countdown to the festive season nears, office productivity is dwindling, some people are more relaxed with their routines and others are actually just over it! In an effort to […]

[October Newsletter] Summer Incoming ☀️

Can you believe we are slowly but surely heading closer to Summer! We can’t contain our excitement either but before we start with the newsletter we want to remind all you strong powerful independent rubies out there that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. We urge you all to check yourself and educate […]

Spring Into Your Step This September [Fragrance Giveaway]

Here’s to 4 months left of 2021 and just a few months closer to Summer – Fragrance GIVEAWAY details below! I feel like a lot has happened this year from hoping everything would go back to normal to embracing the ‘NEW’ normal. We have really been through a trying time as a country but despite […]