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[WIN] Hey you! You are beautiful!

The Dove Go Fresh Anti-perspirant deodorants are here to help you start your day with that all day freshness feel – and rubies who tested it agree! If you would like to test this product and see the results for yourself then read below to find out how you can win a Dove product hamper […]

Put a spring in your step this September! 🌸

Put a spring in your step this September! 🌸 And just like that we are heading to the final 3 months of the year! Who knew the months would fly by like they have? With Spring looming, we thought to make the most of the last 3 months of 2022. It’s time to get into […]

[WIN] Say Good Morning with the Pronamel Morning Squad 👋🏾

The Pronamel Morning Squad deems it essential to take care of everything beauty; including dental care, which is why they have their key slogan that they live by: Strengthening your teeth’s enamel with Pronamel everyday keeps the dentists away. Are you ready to be a part of the Pronamel Morning Squad that starts the day […]

R5000 RUBYBOX GIVEAWAY – It’s yours for the taking 🙋🏽‍♀️

We’ve got exciting news rubies – we’re giving away a total of R5000 to 2 lucky members on the 5th of August – and it couldn’t be easier to enter! If you are not a rubybox member yet simply JOIN then follow the easy steps below to enter. You can enter once on Facebook, once on […]

[WIN] Let Your Partners’ Skin Breathe with NIVEA MEN

Trust NIVEA MEN to come through for your man! Our rubies are loving their partners’ skin after they use the NEW NIVEA M­EN Skin Breathe – Has YOUR partner had the breathable experience yet? If you want YOUR man to try it read below:  GIVEAWAY We’re giving 1 lucky ruby and her man a shopping […]

[WIN] The Squad Is Glowing Up 🥂

Have you experienced the #GlowUp yet? The Squad has spoken, and Bernini has delivered by dialling up the glow with a stylish new look and easy opening cap. Being a brand with its finger on the pulse they are always looking to improve their Glow Getters lives and they have done just that. Our rubies […]

[Feb Newsletter] Gorgeous gorgeous girls deserve love 💋

Ah, Valentine’s Day one of the most Marmite days of the calendar where you either look forward to sharing a romantic evening with your partner or galentine (which ever you are into) or if you’re very single like we are – you dread it. While all your friends are busy enjoying their romantic evening with […]

[WIN] Everyone Everyday Needs Sun Protection

As women we all love to follow a routine. Be it a haircare routine, makeup routine or a workout routine. No matter the routine we do them so we can feel in control and beautiful and to achieve the best results possible for those areas of concern. We all know that if we skip a […]

[WIN] You Glow Different with your Squad

As a woman we are so lucky to be surrounded by our girlfriends that are not only there for us but support us in every stage of our lives especially when we need it the most. Often more than not the #GlowUp journey can get a little lonely but that’s when you are encouraged to […]

Spring Into Your Step This September [Fragrance Giveaway]

Here’s to 4 months left of 2021 and just a few months closer to Summer – Fragrance GIVEAWAY details below! I feel like a lot has happened this year from hoping everything would go back to normal to embracing the ‘NEW’ normal. We have really been through a trying time as a country but despite […]