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Setting Boundaries: 10 Rules to Live By ✅

In a world that never seems to slow down, it’s crucial to prioritise our mental and emotional well-being. One of the most empowering ways to achieve this is by setting and respecting boundaries in our lives. From work to relationships, learning to say “no” and protecting our personal space can make a world of difference. […]

Crushing the 6 Month Slump! 💥

Feeling like the first 6 months of this year haven’t really gone your way? We’ve all been there – stuck in a 6-month slump, feeling like life has lost its sparkle. It’s time to shake things up, take control, and get back on track. We’ve found some fun and practical ways to help you break […]

Nurturing your mental health: Because Self-Care is Queen!

Life can be a whirlwind of ups and downs, and sometimes it feels like we’re juggling a million things at once. Amidst all the chaos, it’s vital to prioritise your mental health and give yourself the TLC you truly deserve. So, get ready for some self-care tips that’ll have you feeling like the queen you […]

Let’s get dressed up this Winter? (Is everyone in agreement?)

Let’s get dressed up this Winter? (Is everyone in agreement?) Before we get fully into the cold Winter Seasons ahead we’d like to encourage you all to put a little more effort into your outfits. While the matching sweatpants fit is vibey it concerns us that adopting the loungewear lifestyle might mean something deeper. Maybe […]

Beat Morning Anxiety With This 1 Minute Technique

Beat Morning Anxiety With This 1 Minute Technique Do any of you suffer from morning anxiety? Or does the slight thought of waking up and facing the work day head on has your mind spinning. We’ve got just the technique for you to help deal with morning anxiety. Yes, all mornings don’t normally start the […]

rubies, it’s cold outside

Winter is here and it’s back with a vengeance. We don’t know if Summer was just super-hot or if we are in for a proper cold winter but the struggle is REAL. Especially when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. Winter also brings other forms of anxiety. You either get those […]

How Exercise Can Help Manage Anxiety

The last thing you probably feel like doing when suffering from anxiety is working out, but you will be surprised at how much it will help you calm down. It has been scientifically proven that physical exercise uses up excess adrenaline in people who experience anxiety this in turn reduces anxious thoughts. Exercise is also […]

How Your Sleep Schedule is Affecting Your Health

We should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep – that’s what we’ve all been told. How many of us are actually getting in that many hours of quality sleep? Human beings are the only species on the planet that intentionally deprive ourselves of sleep instead of listening to our body’s queues, and that may be […]

The Laziness Myth

The Laziness Myth The concept of laziness is one that can cause incredible shame and encourage us to berate ourselves endlessly. In a culture that tells us we’re only valuable if we’re productive, being tired and taking breaks can weigh on us and seriously affect our mental health and self-concept, even though it’s a perfectly […]

All About Anxiety

All About Anxiety Every single one of us knows the feeling of fearing the future and dwelling in the past. It’s been the human condition for a long time, and if we don’t keep those thoughts in check they can end up consuming our lives. Anxiety is defined as “a mental health disorder characterised by […]