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January is Veganuary. Will you ditch meat this month?

January is Veganuary. Will you ditch meat this month? Happy New Year rubies, here’s to 2023 (2020 me!!) being the best year yet! We thought to kickstart it with a little challenge for you all. With all the New Year’s resolutions top of mind why not add being vegan for a whole 31 days in […]

rubybox reviews & ratings: NESCAFÉ GOLD Vegan Latte

Seeking a planet-conscious dairy free alternative to your daily lattes? Leading a plant-based lifestyle is not only healthier for you but kinder to the earth we call home. NESCAFÉ GOLD Non-Dairy Vegan Lattes is a range of plant-based alternatives compared to your regular run of the mill latte. It is available in three popular plant-based flavours: […]

The 5 Best Non Dairy Substitutes for Milk

The 5 Best Non- dairy Substitutes for Milk These days it seems like almost everything can be milked. From peas to nuts to grains, there’s all sorts of weird and wonderful milk alternatives to try. Cow’s milk is great. It’s nutrient rich, providing high quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorous and […]

Healthy Eating Tips & Tricks

healthy eating tips

Sadia Badiei from Pick Up Limes YouTube channel shares her healthy eating tips & tricks. Sadia shows us tips from how to eat more fruit and how to store healthy foods so they are easily available and ready when we need them. Not only does she give helpful tips, but she also explains why her […]