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6 things you shouldn’t care about & 7 rules of life

rules of life

While scrolling through Pinterest, as one does while waiting for the kettle to boil, we came across two interesting posts, one was ‘6 things you shouldn’t care about’, and the other was ‘7 rules of life”. These points are simple but true, short but honest, and just real. So naturally, we had to share them […]



TikTok….. #rubyboxriseupchallenge  Ok so we have finally joined TikTok – and we are very excited to start fun video challenges with you, our rubies. We are ‘tikking’ off with our very first challenge which is the #rubyboxriseupchallenge This challenge is for all our rubies to show us how you are rising during the lockdown and […]

Pain will change you

pain will change you

Pain will change you. The key is what you do in your times of pain. We all have dreams that we want to accomplish, problems we’re hoping will turn around. Maybe it’s to see your family restored, lose some weight, break an addiction, or start your own business. But sometimes, month after month, even year […]