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Is your hair thinning? Here are 10 possible reasons why…

Hair shedding is part of a natural balance — some hair fall out while others grow in. However, some hair loss might be related to a variety of things. In an article with experts from various specialist institutions Sally-Ann Traver, Sam Burnett and Inanch Emir they go into why you might be suffering from hair […]

Spice up your Instagram stories with these creative hacks!

Spice up your Instagram stories with these creative hacks

Yes, Instagram filters are a fun way to perk up your Instagram stories, but now you can get even MORE creative! These creative tips & tricks will spice up your Instagram stories and have everyone wonder, “how did she do that?!” 😉 (Sources: @meganhomme, @rjkaur.xo & @wholelotofeverything on TikTok) Are you going to give these […]

TikTok fashion style ideas & hacks


(Banner sources: @style, @evamoon.kr and @yasminsara78) TikTok has quickly become one of the biggest platforms in the world. Whether you are looking to laugh a little (or a lot!) or seeking some great tips and life hacks from other people all over the world, this platform is just the place to find that! Here are […]

How to learn 5 popular TikTok dances at home

How to learn 5 popular TikTok dances at home

During social distancing we have found that people tend to fall into two different camps. Some people have been using this time to be productive by acquiring a new skill or getting in shape. While others have used this opportunity to indulge in their guilty pleasures like TV or raiding the pantry – guilty as […]



TikTok….. #rubyboxriseupchallenge  Ok so we have finally joined TikTok – and we are very excited to start fun video challenges with you, our rubies. We are ‘tikking’ off with our very first challenge which is the #rubyboxriseupchallenge This challenge is for all our rubies to show us how you are rising during the lockdown and […]