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5 DIY Face Scrubs You’ll Want To Try🧴

It is recommended to scrub your face at least once or twice a week. These homemade scrub recipes are perfect if you are looking to save money or if you have a moment to pamper yourself. Plus, what a bonus that you probably own most of these ingredients already? 1. Gentle Oat Scrub Oats are […]

Should You Be Shaving Your Face?

There are all sorts of crazy beauty trends to be found on Tiktok. Lately, videos of women shaving their faces have been popping up left right and centre! This might sound strange if you haven’t come across it before, but it isn’t a new craze. It’s called dermaplaning, and it’s been one of influencers’ many […]

DIY at-home facial with extractions

Being on lockdown doesn’t mean you have to forgo your weekly/monthly skin care treatments. In this video, vlogger Killa Kryss shows us how she does her facials at home including extractions. Now we know this might be squeamish for some – however, getting the dirt and oil build up out of your pores correctly is […]