Handbag Hygiene 101

Handbags are a girls best friend and tend to go everywhere and anywhere with us. We often forget the health risk of having a handbag.

It is known that a woman’s handbag could house more bacteria than a public toilet. So in order to avoid this we have put a list together to ensure your handbag is clean.

  1. Wipe it down regularly with sanitiser wipes
  2. When out and about refrain from placing your handbag on the floor rather place it on a able or chair
  3. Cleaning out the inside of your bag remembering to wipe down the inside as well as the items inside
  4. Wash the inner material with a detergent
  5. Use a bag organiser

With these 5 tips you will no longer be carrying around a health hazard!

Let us know what the item is that you always carry in your bag in the comments below!

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141 thoughts on “Handbag Hygiene 101

    • adamsdelicia4 says:

      In my handbag I have the whole toetie lol like eyeliner etc to refresh my makeup but what became more important Nowadays I include masks and handsanitizers .

  1. Ntombizodwa Masinga says:

    Thank you for the tips. I learnt that spraying your bad with your favorite perfume makes it smell nicer when opening it. I always carry a sanitizer now as well as the hand lotion cause my hands get dry pretty quickly now with the use of sanitizer

  2. Amouré Patrick says:

    We so used to putting our bags on the floor, thanks for making us aware of the fact that its actually very unhygienic, great tips thank you 🙂

    • holbykristin says:

      I always try to change my bags and wipe them out every week. What is important in my bag these days in tissues hand sanitizer extra mask and wet wipes and lip gloss of course😘

  3. Helena Lee says:

    I didn’t realize that you should keep your bag clean and especially now with covid , think it’s a very good idea and will definitely stick to it !!

  4. Sendra Lebethela Letsoalo says:

    Tgank you for enlightening us. Living in the days of covid, we got to leqrn more that hygiene should always be on top of our heads. These are useful tips.

  5. Ingrid Clark says:

    Oh my goodness, I thought I was alone with this horror. I’m a paranoid Patsy and constantly tell my daughter to be mindful of placing a bag Willy nilly on toilet floors and wash areas. She says I overreact much and will even give me her things to keep in my bag to avoid hearing me remind her. One can’t be too careful. We don’t know what is on that floor…..

  6. Nomonde Ngcobo says:

    wow, i had no idea that handbags can carry so many germs and bacteria, but this article has given me some light, i will definitely use these 5 tips, as i found them very useful. Thanx Rubybox xoxo. .

  7. Chantelle van Zyl says:

    In the days or corona I always carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with me and having kids there will always be wipes and some tissues in as well.