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The Potential Benefits Of CBD

CBD has garnered much attention as a natural alternative to conventional medicine for many health conditions. It is now legal in South Africa and approved by the South African Health Professionals Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) which is really good news for those looking for a complementary health solution to target a variety of health concerns naturally. […]

Is Beauty Sleep Really a Thing?

Have you ever heard of the expression “I need my beauty sleep”? Well according to specialists the benefit of enough sleep is remarkable. Here is why you should get enough sleep.. Less wrinkles – The skin produces new collagen when we sleep. The more collagen your body has, the more elastic your skin is and therefore […]

Get (More) Beautiful While You Sleep

Beauty Sleep… We all know we need at least 8hours but let’s get real, who has 8 hours to dedicate to sleep Every. Single. Night. So, we searched the internet for some tips to get the most out of whatever amount of sleep we can get a night.