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How to Navigate Dating During a Pandemic

Good ol’ Covid has changed a lot for us over the past year and a bit. Perhaps one of the hardest things to adjust to are the new social distancing regulations which make it less likely for the disease to spread. This obviously puts a huge spanner in the works for our dating lives – […]

4 Best SA Online Beauty Shops

We often see the most beautiful beauty and skincare products plastered everywhere online, only to look them up and find that they’re from abroad. Not wanting to pay the crazy customs costs and wait 3 months to receive our item (if we receive it at all), we wistfully scroll through photos and wish that we […]

How To Shop Successfully During COVID-19

How To Shop Successfully During COVID-19

While we are all still day-dreaming of the day everything will go back to normal there have been a few steps in the right direction. Now that we have recently moved into a more chilled version of level 3 lockdown we are able to do some of the things we have been dying to do […]