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Money Habits of Happy Couples 💰

It’s said that couples who budget together stick together! It’s the month of love so get on the same page as you partner when it comes to money and save yourselves a whole lot of stress and anxiety. Here’s some tips shared by happy couples: 1. Understand and respect each other’s views No two people […]

Empowering lessons learnt from being cheated on 💋

Empowering lessons learnt from being cheated on Cheating sucks period. In every single way possible. It’s probably the biggest middle finger you’ve received, it’s hurtful, deceitful and its gross. For the record, all of the above stands whether your relationship lasted seven months or seven years. I’m sorry if you have been cheated on. We […]

[WIN] Have you experienced The AXE Effect yet?

Our rubies partners have tested & reviewed the new look of AXE Black & AXE Gold Deodorant Body Spray and have loved it on their partners according to the feedback we have received below. If you are still curious and want to know what all the fuss is about enter below: Stand the chance of […]

Are you stuck in a situation-ship? 👫🏿

Many girls will have noticed that there is a new term in the dating world. Yip that’s right a situation-ship seems to be the new go to term to be used when you casually see a new guy but what really is the difference? Apparently in a situation-ship there is less nagging, zero drama and […]

How to Navigate Dating During a Pandemic

Good ol’ Covid has changed a lot for us over the past year and a bit. Perhaps one of the hardest things to adjust to are the new social distancing regulations which make it less likely for the disease to spread. This obviously puts a huge spanner in the works for our dating lives – […]

Have a sex bucket list, well you do now!

Everyone has sexual fantasies, it’s perfectly normal and even if you are the most adventurous when it comes to sex it’s highly unlikely that you have made it through every possible sexual scenario. Regardless of that if you are looking to get a bit more experienced and reignite some passion why not sit down and […]