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Bestie it’s time to #GlowUnapologetically  

rubies, LUX believes that true glow flows from the inside out and we think its time we acknowledge that. The women of today are multi-faceted in their beauty, authenticity, strength and resilience. But we sometimes choose to dim our glow due to societal pressures.  It’s time to remind each and every woman that your beauty […]

[WIN] A ‘lighter’ life with Vawter Hard Seltzer

Are you stuck in the middle of having a good time and feeling guilty about leading an active and healthy lifestyle? Vawter has got the perfect balance for you, allowing you to get festive without regret; keeping the weight off and allowing you to be at your best performance on the treadmill the next day, […]

Embrace Being Delightfully Feminine [WIN]

As women we are all different and beautifully unique in our own way. Show us how you express your beautifully feminine side. Whether it be painting your nails, doing your hair, having a bubble bath or dressing in your own unapologetically you style. Feminine beauty can be shown and worn in so many different ways […]