Beat Morning Anxiety With This 1 Minute Technique

Beat Morning Anxiety With This 1 Minute Technique

Do any of you suffer from morning anxiety? Or does the slight thought of waking up and facing the work day head on has your mind spinning.

We’ve got just the technique for you to help deal with morning anxiety. Yes, all mornings don’t normally start the way we want them to but that shouldn’t result in the rest of your day being crippled by your morning anxiety.

Take some time in your morning bus, train or in the traffic and observe your surroundings. Observe how frazzled everyone looks around you. Now maybe if you practiced daily self-therapy which could help combat your anxiety in a proactive or reactive way your day could be transformed.

Let’s show you how it’s done!

Being ready for your day involves grounding and by this we mean steadying your mind and body. When you start the day slowing down, you send a message to the brain informing it that it doesn’t need to be in “threat mode” all the time. Helping deactivate the flurry of activity we know as stress and/or anxiety

How do we ground?

Firstly, know that grounding takes practice, but remember practice makes perfect and all will make sense to you when practiced. It is encouraged that you use the same routine every day, as this process will become a safe place for you. Close your eyes and remain seated as we talk you through the next three steps.

  1. In your head go to a place that represents beauty and peace. (Use the same place every day for a sense of familiarity and safety.) Allow yourself to experience everything about this place, colours, sounds, smells, sensations and tastes. Take a deep breath and enjoy the tranquility your imagination has brought you to.
  2. When relaxed, use a word that is going to help your mind identify that you’ve come to a safe place. This can be any word that comes to mind like “peace” or “calm” or anything it’s your choice. Simply say this word out aloud to yourself a couple of times. This way you are using language to reinforce a calmer state.
  3. Now that you are in a place of peacefulness, use your hands to tap each thigh alternately, left to right in a slow rhythm. Do this for 20 to 30 seconds. This technique is called bilateral stimulation. This steady rhythm creates a sense of ease and facilitates the grounded feeling.

Once you are finished, open your eyes and reorientate yourself. You are now ready to tackle the day ahead, whatever it may bring.

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69 thoughts on “Beat Morning Anxiety With This 1 Minute Technique

  1. Shelley K. says:

    Great article. As someone who has anxiety I was taught grounding techniques during cognitive behavior therapy. They really do help not just before an attack but during one too.

  2. Elishia F. says:

    Putting myself out there but I suffer from Depression and this is similar to what I do in the mornings to get myself out otherwise the will to move disappears and I’m stuck in bed.
    I also give myself 1min,no more and no less. I think of 5 things that need me or things about myself that others need.. Other times, it’s why I deserve to get up.. Not why I must get up because I deserve a depression free life.