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rubies talk: COVID Vaccine

Hi rubies, Who is over all this COVID chatter? Pick me! With 2021 starting off on what it feels like the wrong foot. I know there might be some mixed messages as to what we can expect from a very disruptive 2021 ahead but let’s look aside from that and talk all things COVID vaccine. […]

rubies talk: Office Antics

Let’s talk all things office antics. So, rubies with a new year comes a whole lot of new things. Some of you might be starting a new job? If that’s the case how are you managing your first week? If you aren’t starting a new job but just going back to work. Surely you have […]

rubies talk: Festive Season 2020

The festive season has arrived, families and friends would all like to gather, but the thought has been fraught with confusion and misunderstandings. While everything has been so different this year, that does not mean you can’t celebrate and be jolly together! The key to a safe and healthy festive season is to keep gatherings […]

rubies talk: Jobs & Careers

rubies talk: Jobs & Careers

Our topic for this weeks #rubiestalk: Jobs and Careers The global pandemic has brought about a stigma that companies are firing, not hiring well that’s not the case, don’t be discouraged.  Have you fallen into a negative trap, constantly feeling despondent as if nothing good ever happens or your qualifications are not what companies want? […]

rubies talk: “2020”

Welcome to our third edition of #rubiestalk – thank you to all the rubies who took part in our second edition, “rubies talk: diets & healthy eating” which you can find here. Our topic for this week is rubies talk: 2020 We want to hear how things are going with you with regards to all […]