Dear friends

If you’ve been journeying with us these past few months, you may have noticed a pattern…

We’ve looked at knowing your power, then, knowing your body, and this month, I felt to remind us to know our enemy. This isn’t a particularly new idea. In fact, Sun Tzu first encouraged it in 500 BC, when he wrote:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

What’s struck me lately though, is how connected knowing ourselves is, to knowing our enemies. In fact, the two are far more linked than we’d like to believe.

Think about it: if our ‘enemy’ is defined as the obstacles that stop us from reaching our potential and fulfilling our purpose, then the biggest enemies are far closer than we may have imagined. In fact, our biggest enemy is often ourselves.

Here are four common (and surprisingly fierce) adversaries hiding in plain sight:

1. Distraction
In the age of information overload and constant connectivity, distraction has become a formidable foe on the path to personal and professional growth. Our world is brimming with enticing diversions, from social media notifications to the ever-present lure of streaming platforms. These distractions can divert our attention from what truly matters, hindering our progress. To overcome this enemy, I’m learning to focus, prioritise, and allocate my most precious resources – time and energy – more wisely.

2. Disappointment
When our reality falls short of our expectations, we can fall hard too. Especially if we’ve out our heart and soul into something, the experience can feel crushing. But if we let disappointment become a core of who we are and how we face the future, this adversary will slowly drain away our motivation and stop us from ever realising our full potential. Let’s not let failure, or the fear of being disappointed again, deter us from our life’s true purpose. Everyone falls, but only the brave get up, take a deep breath in, and try again.

3. Delay
Procrastination and hesitation are the enemies of progress. Our time is our most precious resource, so every moment spent putting off what needs to be done is a moment lost. You’ll never get it back! By combating the urge to delay, we can unlock our potential for greatness and ensure that our dreams don’t remain perpetually on pause. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, just do the next best thing. Just take one step at a time – and do the next right thing (however small or scary it might seem).

4. Resentment
Resentment hurts us far more than it does the person we resent. Holding onto our offences is like carrying a backpack full of rocks through life. It’s heavy, and it’s completely pointless. Internal foes like resentment, unforgiveness and bitterness poison our thoughts, relationships, and ultimately, our potential. They are self-inflicted wounds that distract us from living our best lives. So how can they be defeated? Through simply letting go of our grudges. Drop your weapons to win this war! Give up the need to be judge, jailor and jury—the work is all consuming and the compensation is sorely lacking!

That’s my message for you this month, friends. Know your enemies. In the battle to reach our potential and fulfil our purpose, knowing these common enemies is half the battle won. The other half lies in our courage to confront and overcome them.

Powerfully Yours,



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What are your biggest enemies rubies? Let us know in the comments.💕

Happy New Month rubies x

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  1. Zibuyisile N. says:

    My enemy us Delay,Procrastination and hesitation is one thing that kills my successes. I HAVE LEARNED THAT FROM NOW ONWARDS I MUST TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD AT A TIME.

  2. Jolene S. says:

    Beautiful and very inspiring article.
    This quote had me: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” This is so true!!! Thank you RubyBox

  3. Tshegofatso K. says:

    Hey bestie😊!

    I’m so inlove with the taste of JC Le Roux and I could recommend it to my friends and family to buy it. It’s so refreshing after a long day a work💕🫶🏽

  4. Anele S. says:

    My biggest enemy right now is resentment. Im struggling to forgive someone who hurt me intentionally and never felt the need to apologise. This is completely holding me back from moving forward in my life…

    • Antoinette W. says:

      I share your struggle and enemy, betrayal from someone you trust is a bitter pill to swallow. I know that we should forgive for ourselves and take the lesson from it to move forward in life. I wish you blessings and strength on your journey to freedom from this enemy 🙏 💕