10 Hinge prompts that’ll actually help your matches get to know you

10 Hinge prompts that’ll actually help your matches get to know you

Let’s be real for a second creating a perfect dating app profile is often quite a daunting task that requires a lot of thought. Some might compare it to a bit of an art and science combined. Hinge prompts, can help you showcase what you’re all about, what you want, and what you want to know about your matches- all before you have even swiped right.

The best profiles really tell a story, they tell us who you are, and they tell us different things about you. But one of the biggest mistake’s users make isn’t necessarily creating a bad profile, it’s creating an unmemorable one. You have to make your profile stand out amongst the rest. This might feel like a challenge to share or even identify your most unique, quirky thoughts, interests and dreams BUT the pay-off can be so worth it.

Get ready – here are 10 Hinge prompts that will help you go from a match to a conversation to a first date – and maybe even a second. You’ve got this!

  1. Green flags I look for…

Ideally your profile should tell people three things: who you are, what you’re looking for, and what it would be like to date you. This question is a great way to hint at what you want, what you’d be like as a partner, and in a way who you are. It also offers your matches an opportunity to tell you a little about what it would be like to date them.

  1. I’m look for…

It might be tempting to go the straightforward route, especially if you are on the apps for a specific reason. If you’re just looking for something causal go ahead and let your matches know. But you also have the opportunity to be creative, use it to your advantage.

  1. Unusual skills…

This can help showcase your passions, or maybe even some niche talents you’ve picked up at a job or class. Anything that comes with a story is a great bet – but if you are hinting at turning the conversation into a date – try with something like how good you are at finding seats at a crowded bar or you’re weirdly good at Scrabble.

  1. Typical Sunday…

This is a great way to give a swiper a glimpse into what your relationship could look like. After all, if you’re in it for the long haul, you might be spending lots of Sundays together.

  1. The best way to ask me out is by…

Looking to get yourself out there more and put dates on your calendar? Set up matches to ask you on your dream date by letting them know you want to be invited to their favourite local bar or on a park picnic.

  1. I know the best spot in town for…

Here’s another prompt that’s bound to help you set up some dates. “Cheap drinks” or “Indian food” is too vague though: If there’s a specific dish you love or music genre you’re into, tell your swipers that you’ve got them covered.

  1. Together, we could…

Try this prompt if you’re stuck on a question that shows what it would be like to date you. Maybe it’s outlining a dream date like “Go on a day trip to the beach before Summer ends” or it could be aspirational. It’s your choice.

  1. I geek out on…

Here is your chance to share your passions – most importantly things that make you geek out – weird and wonderful interests, hobbies and talents. Even if you just have green fingers and know how to make your plants and herbs flourish in your tiny cramped apartment.

  1. First round is on me if…

This would help you find some common ground and definitely land you a couple dates.

  1. Two truths and a lie…

This one’s a goodie and there’s just a natural tendency for curiosity, so when you have two truths and a lie – even if you know it – you’re just more likely to message the person because you want to know the answer or you want to know the story.

rubies let us know in the comments below what interesting online dating stories you have? And if you will be adding any of these to update your dating profiles?

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35 thoughts on “10 Hinge prompts that’ll actually help your matches get to know you

  1. Rukaya D. says:

    This article is insightful since I’ve never been on a dating app but I remember Mxit chatrooms when I and many people actually always pretended on there and there were quite a few dodgy guys 🙈

  2. Zuleiga A. says:

    I like this article because many people feel they don’t have to make them pretty because it is winter but u can still look good even in the cold weather

  3. Elnarie L. says:

    Aaah the prompts are great, it will definitely upgrade my profile once I incorporate some of them.
    What I will be adding is 8- I geek out on.. 9- the first round is one me if.. 10- two truths and a lie..
    I think adding those will help keep the conversation going, and if I’m lucky, score a second date.
    Goodluck Rubies 🙂