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Identifying “Lost Boy Energy”: the 6 Red Flags

Navigating the dating world can be exciting, but it’s important to keep an eye out for certain red flags that may indicate the presence of “Lost Boy Energy” in the guy you’re seeing. “Lost Boy Energy” refers to traits and behaviours that suggest a lack of maturity, responsibility, and direction. Lack of Ambition or Drive: […]

Finding Your Soulmate

Many of us who are single spend our days wondering when the perfect man will come into our lives and finally leave us feeling complete. But truth is we are spending so many of our precious years trying to find our dream man when we should actually be living our best life. According to relationship […]

10 things guys wish all women knew

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What women want – remember the movie when Mel Gibson could hear what every woman was thinking? We came across a post that was titled 10 things guys wish all women knew. Immediately this caught our attention – out of curiosity of course… Here it goes, as found on Pinterest (source unknown) 10 things guys […]