Revamp Your Beauty Routine

In with the new, out with the old they say…but how true is that when it comes to beauty? Here are a few tips on what to ditch and what you should hang on to.

Change your foundation

We tend to spend more time outdoors in summer so, to keep your makeup and complexion looking natural, consider choosing a foundation that’s one shade darker than the one you’re currently using.

Switch up your moisturiser

Depending on your skin type and where you live in SA, it’s a good idea to swap to a lightweight moisturiser – think gel rather than heavy cream. Dry skin? Use a hydrating serum under your moisturiser – it packs a punch but won’t leave your skin feeling heavy.

Go for gloss with SPF

The shinier your lip gloss, the more UV rays it attracts. Keep your lips protected with either a matte lip balm or a gloss that’s packed with SPF.

Wash your brushes

We tend to forget the amount of germs and dirt that accumulates on our brushes after each makeup application.To clean your makeup brushes like a pro we will let you in on a little secret! Use Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby shampoo, gently wash, rinse thoroughly and leave to dry hanging over the edge of the sink.

Ditch the sunscreen

SPF is a vital component in ones day to day beauty routine therefore if you have had the same SPF hanging around for the last 12 months, we suggest you ditch it and treat yourself to a new one.

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Let us know in the comments below if you have any tips and tricks when it comes to your makeup routine?

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