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Shalom Blac’s Everyday Glam Routine

Shalom Blac’s Everyday Glam Routine article

You know how much we LOVE a celeb beauty routine! Beauty influencer and burn survivor, Shalom Blac, who you might know from her very well-known Instagram account and her stunning makeup looks – is spilling all her fabulous beauty and makeup secrets. Tag along and find out how the beautiful Shalom creates her everyday airbrushed-like […]

Revamp Your Beauty Routine

In with the new, out with the old they say…but how true is that when it comes to beauty? Here are a few tips on what to ditch and what you should hang on to. Change your foundation We tend to spend more time outdoors in summer so, to keep your makeup and complexion looking […]

Liza Koshy’s skin secrets and go-to bold eye

Liza Koshy's skin secrets and go-to bold eye

Oh, how we love a good ‘get ready with me’ with our fav celebs! The hilarious and quirky actress, television host, comedian and YouTuber, Liza Koshy, spills the tea on her skin secrets and her go-to bold eye look! We can always count on Liza to make us laugh and brighten up our day a […]

Kehlani’s everyday quarantine skin-care routine

Kehlani's everyday quarantine skin-care routine

The stunning, Kehlani, shares her dry skin skin-care routine and how she keeps her skin hydrated while indoors. She also shows her gorgeous sunset-inspired makeup look and shares some tips on how to glow even when stuck inside! (Source: Kehlani’s Everyday Skin-Care Routine and Guide to a Glowing Face | Beauty Secrets | Vogue. Shared […]

Everyday Wet Hair and Make-Up Look

Everyday Wet Hair and Make-Up Look

We know most of you might be saying whats the point. Why get all dressed up and put make-up on if theres no where you can really go to show it off. You may have a valid point there but remember despite what some people might think lockdown won’t be forever and eventually everything is […]

Everyday Make-Up Look

Everyday make-up Looks

(Banner images from Valerie Mapfumo’s Instagram) During lockdown we dream of the day we will be let out to wonder outside again. So, with all the free time we have why not practice make-up tutorials or read up about latest fashion trends to get your mind off the whole lockdown thing. This will keep you […]

How To Apply Blush Perfectly

We often overlook blush as an add-on but we honestly shouldn’t. Just a few swipes of blush can make your complexion look healthier and all round younger. It adds a glow that bronzer and highlight just cant mirror. However, blush can be rather tricky to apply and not as simple as a swirl on your […]