Get Loved Up This February

So, it’s the month of love and some of us might be super keen to celebrate while others might be feeling super lonely and just trying to avoid it altogether. We’d like to let you know that we are all here for you no matter how you are feeling.

Self-love is just as important as loving your partner, especially during these peculiar times. So, what does self-love look like? It can be as simple and having a pants free day around your apartment or making your favourite meal, hello candle lit dinner for one.

Here are some tips to practice self-love this month:

  • Create a self-love ritual

This can be anything you enjoy doing. Your me time – the trick here is to unplug your tv and remove yourself from social media for at least 15 minutes while you do this. For example, having a big bubble bath once a week while eating your favourite pasta dish. Who doesn’t love eating pasta in the bath. Or spending the whole evening without pants on and have a 5-minute dance session with yourself to your favourite song.

  • Make a “What’s Working for Me” List

Self-acceptance will come when you truly love yourself and this will take time but a great way to move toward that is by recognising what you already have that’s great. Writing a lists of things that you have going for you right now is a great way to positively look at your life.

  • Clean out your closet

Believe it or not but tidying up can be more therapeutic than you might think, and getting rid of old things is the perfect way to make room for new ones to come into your life. Cleansing your mind can sometimes work in the form of letting go of things such as clothing or jewellery that remind you of a certain time in your life that links to a negative vibration. Don’t chase what’s already happened, love yourself enough to know the best is yet to come.

  • Do something you are good at

Ultimate self-esteem booster is doing something you know you are great at. It could be cooking your favourite meal, going for a run or participating in a hobby you forgot you loved. Self-esteem and self – love go hand in hand, remember that.

  • Find your happy place

Find your place where you can simply just be you. This place will allow you to sit quietly and embrace the here and now without having to think about work or bills or anything. In this place you are free to just be.


So, remember these tips and tricks during this month of love and maybe instead of getting all loved up on someone spend time getting loved up on yourself. For those of you getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day this year be it with a group of friends or with your special significant other we thought to add some cheesy V-day e-cards to give to your person of choice. Don’t worry we didn’t forget those focusing on themselves this month and self-love. We also created a cute self-love wallpaper for you to download and share with your friends or just add it as your new screensaver for this month as a reminder to PUT YOURSELF FIRST. #riseupbeautifulyou

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46 thoughts on “Get Loved Up This February

  1. madubanyalebogang says:

    Thanks for the newsletter, and happy love month all, to fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness. ❤️Take care rubies 🌹💅

  2. Nontsikelelo 'Ntsiki' Kheswa says:

    Thank you for Feb newsletter and reminder of self love….we give so much of our selves to our family, children, career and not even remember we are also totally deserving of the same. This Valentine’s I will light up the candles, wear something pretty and say ‘Cheers’! To myself!

    Ladies we are awesome.🌺

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