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Super Smoothies For Busy Women

Superwomen need Super Smoothies to get through their busy days. Luckily we know a few, so read on and you might find a favourite: Orange You Glad Smoothie Perfect to sip on during a hot summer’s day, this low calorie citrus infused smoothie is a winner Servings: 1 1 orange, peeled ¼ cup fat-free plain […]

How to Ace a Phone Interview

How to Ace a Phone Interview

With COVID-19 turning all our lives a little upside down we have had to find ways to adapt and make our lives a little more normal. For example, if you are still on the job hunt you’ll find instead of coming in for an interview you’ll have to do it via your cell phone. Some […]

Fuller Looking Brows with Makeup Artist’s Best kept Secret the ‘Shadow Brow!’

Fuller Looking Brows with Makeup Artist’s Best kept Secret the ‘Shadow Brow!'

Any of you looking to direct your lockdown frustration to something rewarding? We have all had those “Huh?” moments when we see our favourite celebs with fuller looking brows overnight. One minute they have skimpy looking arches and the next these arches have been revamped into structurally sound masterpieces that give the illusions of thickness […]

Get (More) Beautiful While You Sleep

Beauty Sleep… We all know we need at least 8hours but let’s get real, who has 8 hours to dedicate to sleep Every. Single. Night. So, we searched the internet for some tips to get the most out of whatever amount of sleep we can get a night.