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[Bloggers Review] NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Body Lotion 🧴

Looking for Summer-ready skin but worried about uneven skin and stretch marks? NEW NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Advanced Care  and NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Even Glow are the perfect partner for your skin’s everyday needs. The NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Range was developed with powerful ingredients to specifically care for the needs of melanin-rich skin. […]

[Bloggers Review] LUX Even-Tone Beauty Bar 🫧

LUX has created the Lux Even-Tone beauty bar that is targeted to women looking for even-toned, glowing skin. This beauty bar is made up of bentonite clay particles, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C which together help achieve even toned healthy glowing skin. Along with floral beauty oil, cocoa butter and lily extracts that help achieve […]

[Bloggers Review] DOVE Go Fresh Deodorant 🥒

Choose Dove deodorant for visibly, smoother & softer underarms; that will keep you refreshed & protected all day.  These 48-hour protection deodorants go beyond just keeping you dry; because like most of the best anti-perspirant formulas, it cares for your delicate underarm skin too. These Dove Go Fresh deodorants also have properties that help delicate […]

Bloggers Review: Dialling Up The Glow with Bernini 💋🥂

SA’s much loved real Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzante has dialled up the Glow just in time for the Summer Season. With an all new premium, sophisticated bottle shape and easy-open cap. We asked our rubybox Glow Getter bloggers to join in on the fun and show us how much they loved the new manicure-friendly easy-open […]

Bloggers Review: “Lighter” Living with Vawter Hard Seltzer 💚

We all want to embrace everything this Summer has to offer and with Vawter Hard Seltzer you’ll be able to have a Sunday Funday without a Blue Monday because it’s all about the #Balance. That’s what we call fun without compromise. We asked our rubybox bloggers to join in on the fun and show us […]

Bloggers Review: Bernini Amber Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzante

There’s a new Glow in Town ladies. The NEW Bernini Amber is a Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzante, light and delicately sparkling with a soft orange-gold colour. This alcoholic beverage has a complex taste profile with sparkling wine notes along with delicate fruit characteristics and a sweet scent.  What’s not to love about the NEW Bernini […]

Bloggers Review: Nivea Beauty Essence Deodorant


Our rubybox bloggers can’t get enough of this beautiful product. The bottle itself is so stunning not to mention how the product feels on your skin. The Nivea Beauty Essence Deodorant is any girl’s best friend when it comes to perfecting uneven skin tone under your underarms. After just two weeks of using the Nivea Beauty […]

ruby reviews & ratings: Dove Nourishing Body Lotion

ruby reviews & ratings: Dove Nourishing Body Lotion

Make Beautifully Soft Skin an Essential We understand that these days have been really tough, and we are here for you, to remind you to give yourself a little self-care that you deserve, both inside & out. Dove Body Lotion is formulated with NutriDUO, which is a blend of natural skin nutrients and essential oil […]

Bloggers Review: TRESémme Platinum Strength Repair & Protect 7 Shampoo and Conditioner

TRES Bloggers Review

Our rubybox bloggers can’t stop raving about the TRESemme Platinum Strength Repair & Protect 7. After 1 wash hair is left beautifully strong against breakage and perfectly protected against the 7 types of styling damage. The professional-quality formula is infused with Biotin, which instantly penetrates the hair fiber repairing it from the inside out.  How […]

Blogger Reviews: Nivea Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle Range

Bloggers Reviews: Nivea Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle range

On the quest for youthful skin? Introducing Nivea Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle range. This new formula is guaranteed to reduce wrinkles and leave skin feeling firmer in just two weeks. The natural anti-aging defence in the Nivea Q10 Power range minimises the size of pores for a more refined, healthy and youthful looking skin. The Nivea […]