How to Ace a Phone Interview

How to Ace a Phone Interview

With COVID-19 turning all our lives a little upside down we have had to find ways to adapt and make our lives a little more normal. For example, if you are still on the job hunt you’ll find instead of coming in for an interview you’ll have to do it via your cell phone. Some might say this type of interview is trickier than coming in for an interview because the impression you have to make over the phone is 100 times more important.

So how do you prep? Firstly, approach this phone meeting like it’s the most important meeting you will have for this job. That’s because it is and if it goes well it’ll determine your fate at that business. So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how to show up effectively and make a good enough impression to get to the next level of your job interview.

Do prep work

When scheduling the meeting, make sure to ask how long the meeting will last, that way you are able to know how to prepare. Cover your bases by doing research about the company, the players, and the competition. Plan where you are going to take the call. Make sure the call is taken in a place that has good cell service, is quiet, and where you have the ability to focus. *NB this is not a call to take on the run. Organize your answers, ensuring you bullet point things you think might be relevant and interesting to your potential employer.

Master the art of a phone conversation

As we still try to adjust to our “new” normal we need to make peace with the idea that we are now living in a virtual world where one-on-one connections will be less common in person. Remember practice makes perfect so try start by listening intently when being spoken to on the phone.

Try to think about the meaning of what the person on the other side is saying so you can see what they are really looking for. Try not to interrupt, we know it’s tough but rather write a point down that you would like to touch on and when given the opportunity make sure you cover everything you wanted too. Also, super important – smile when you talk. We know this might sound silly but people can actually feel it even through the phone.

Be strategic in the follow-up

When writing your thank you note, make sure to make yourself stand out. Avoid being bland and generic by taking the time to craft a message that picked up on the theme of the call you both just had. If you found something intriguing during the phone call take time to expand on one or two items this truly shows that you are interested in the position while also showcasing your communication style and way of thinking in terms of opportunities and challenges of the company.

With our world constantly shifting we really do not know what our new normal will be. So our best advice would be to start building good habits now and keep practicing because you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

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So rubies, let us know in the comments section below if you will be practicing these tips and tricks before your next phone interview.

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