August is women’s rights month, and it’s a great time to highlight what a beautiful experience being a woman is. It’s easy to get hung up on our struggles and the challenges we face every day – as women we have some incredibly difficult obstacles to deal with in daily life.

It’s so important for us to make space for ourselves to have grievances around our struggles considering they can be so frustrating and even damaging to us, but we shouldn’t let them get in the way of us enjoying and appreciating our femininity.

This month, let’s focus on our ability to overcome our struggles. We are so unbelievably strong and if we are able to recognise that in ourselves then others will recognise it in us as well. We should exist as ourselves unapologetically in full confidence that we are enough.

Femininity is a beautiful thing. Though sometimes it can feel like embracing it will encourage others to undermine us, we have the ability to change that narrative by fully inhabiting ourselves as whole women. Our interests, talents, intelligence and strength are what make us, and fully experiencing what it is to be a woman compliments rather than takes away from that.

We are stronger as a unit. Remember to always lift your fellow girlfriends up and appreciate your shared experience. When we as individual women come together to celebrate each other it’s an amazing thing! Remember to allow yourself to #riseupbeautifulyou and blossom in the way that you deserve too.


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lily.label – luxury sustainable swimwear


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101 thoughts on “Who Run The World, GIRLS [NEWSLETTER]

  1. Davine Jacobs says:

    It’s the month of August which is a month “dedicated” to women but we should be celebrated everyday. Please have your papsmear done regularly and do the breast inspections as well. May you have a wonderful August XOXO

  2. lameez sity says:

    Hello Ladies!
    Thus far, it must be the current article, being said that it women’s month and there is so much to celebrate!!! reading the articles has brought so much insight as it did positivity, which i can definitely share among my family members and friends!

  3. Insaaf maker says:

    Woman’s month and it’s my birthday month (the day after woman’s day). Hopefully I get to test and review this wonderful and amazing products.

  4. locxyisabel5 says:

    A pinch and a punch for a new month. Its our month August babies.. 7 August its my womb escape day.. Happy woman’s month to all the mbokodo’s…