Celebrate Life With La Vie [Online Exclusive Offer]

La Vie Eau de Parfum is a perfume designed for women that are not afraid to embrace who they truly are.

This perfume exudes confidence and believes that each women’s unique femininity is their confidence. While wearing La Vie Eau de Parfum you are encouraged to be truly you and indulge in playful spontaneity because life is a celebration.

La Vie Eau de Parfum is a delightfully feminine fragrance with a scent that introduces jubilation and glee. One sprits of this fragrance and you have the confidence to outshine the rest.

Reasons to love La Vie Eau de Parfum:

  • Delightfully feminine fragrance
  • Playful blended fruity and floral notes
  • Warm oriental vanilla scents
  • Just the right balance of femininity and dazzling charm

Remember life is a celebration and what better way to embrace that than by indulging in playful spontaneity with La Vie.

We have profiled and selected rubies that will be testing the La Vie Eau de Parfum.

Be sure to lookout for the below hashtags over the next few weeks to follow the journey: #rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #DelightfullyFeminine

316 thoughts on “Celebrate Life With La Vie [Online Exclusive Offer]

  1. Angelina Lekalaka says:

    Wow, it would be lovely to test and review mostly adding new scent to the collection.
    #rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #DelightfullyFeminine

  2. Angelina Lekalaka says:

    Wow, it would be lovely to review and add new scent to the collection.#rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #DelightfullyFeminine

    • olgadiva11 says:

      Oh my gosh this is something I would be extremely delighted to try on and review . Hopefully 😇😊 #rubybox #celebrateLifeWithLavie #justinefragrance

    • carloslouw78 says:

      Justine “dare to wish “is my current favourite. I’d love to add this product to my collection. Would love to try it out.
      #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #DelightfullyFeminine #rubyboxbeauty

    • kiarath397 says:

      This product really does sound welcoming and taking into consideration that as a woman finding one’s scent is a step towards womanhood, I’d love to test and review this product as a step In my search to womanhood rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #DelightfullyFeminine

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