This is a special edition newsletter as we have unveiled our new “Blogger of the Month” feature.

We are very excited about this as we will be featuring one blogger every month and introducing you a bit more to the lovely ladies we work with who are also rubies just like you!

Our first blogger of the month is Foyin Og. Click here to read more about her and see where to follow her if you like what she’s got!

Do you have a favourite blog which you would like to nominate to be featured one month? We’d love to hear from you, click here to nominate your favourite blog.


Were all for keeping healthy, but there just something about winter that makes us pay a bit more attention. We decided to find out what veggies and fruit are in season and readily available for you eat and keep yourself (and your family) healthy.




This month we have 4 test and reviews running:

  1. 3 step skin care routine (opt-in here)
  2. Daily Body Moisturising lotion for dry skin (opt-in here)
  3. Hair Care Product (opt-in here)
  4. Volume Hair Product (opt-in launching mid-July)


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